Like letters written in the sand.

Hello and welcome to Enchanted, the TFL approved fanlisting for a beautiful, musical, and enticing video game called Eternal Sonata (or Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream, the Japanese title)! This is a game I bought by chance, thinking that the cover art and game screenshots looked absolutely adorable. I found myself playing this video game constantly, for it's adorable graphics, it's beautiful music, and it's surprisingly deep storyline. This fanlisting was adopted from the amazing Raine! Thank you so much!! If you are a fan of this incredible game, please feel free to join this fanlisting! :)
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Last updated on July 04th 2020.
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Welcome to the list, Annie!

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The current layout, version one, is a pretty simple one. I absolutely loved this image of Polka in the forest, and it fit the name of the fanlisting so perfectly. I just wanted to capture the enchanting nature of both the image and the game. Resources used are a single brush and a single, subtle texture from a now defunct resource website. The image is from Minitokyo.

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