Like words carved into stone.

Eternal Sonata (known in Japan as Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream) is a Namco Bandai video game originally released on June 14, 2007. The game is based around the real romantic pianist and composer, Frederic Chopin, who passed away from tuberculosis at the age of 39. Gameplay is focused in a fantasy world dreamt up in his last hours of life, where we follow a young and ill girl named Polka as she deals with both her imminent death and the corrupt nature of the world she lives in. It also features informative cutscenes (with his compositions playing in the background to real paintings of the time period) between chapters where we learn about the real life of Chopin.

I thought Eternal Sonata would be an adorable and lighthearted game when I first purchased it. I was looking for something nice and fun to spend the time between my initial purchase of my PS3 and the games I had preordered for it. And Eternal Sonata was indeed those things, but it ended up being so much more as well. It is a great game with cute graphics, gorgeous music, and a surprisingly complex and dark storyline throughout it. It was more than worth the purchase. This fanlisting was adopted from Raine in October of 2012. Thank you so much!! :)